Our Products

Some of our products are, and some are not. Our perfume line is 100% natural. Some items, such as our body lotions, contain a minute amount of paraben-free synthetic preservative to prevent dangerous bacterial growth, as well as emulsifying waxes to create a stable formula and smooth, quick-absorbing application. For our candles, we use fragrances that are blends of essential oils along with stabilizing, synthetic aroma components to promote a safe and controlled burn. We aren’t of the mindset that all synthetics=dangerous. We believe in thorough research, being friends of science, spotlighting natural and botanical ingredients, and using synthetics when called for to create the safest products possible for our customers.

The price of botanical perfume is higher than synthetically produced perfume due to the cost and rarity of many perfume essences. Rose, Jasmine, and Vanilla absolutes – pinnacle notes of natural perfumery - often cost upwards of $400-500 an ounce, and other unique essences can be priced even higher depending on quality, availability and seasonal crop success.

Though our perfumes may range in color from golden yellow, deep orange, and dark olive green, no dyes are ever added. These colors simply come from the botanical ingredients used. For instance, the rich dark green color in our “Amber Thicket” EDP comes from the lavender, hay, and sweet clover absolutes used.

We do not make this claim about our products. Some brands do, but keep in mind that this is completely unregulated by the FDA. “Hypoallergenic” can mean whatever a brand wants it to.

While we use a number of organic ingredients in our products, none of our finished products are certified organic.

No active lye remains in the finished product. All true soap is made with lye. It is simply essential for the saponification process of creating soap. When lye combines with oils/fats, they transform into an entirely new substance. Science is fascinating!

“Non-Toxic” is an unregulated term in the USA. While a number of small companies selling skincare, perfume, and fragrance goods make the claim of their products being non-toxic, we do not. Despite hand choosing ingredients that are top quality (and many of them of natural origin), “non-toxic” is a hefty claim with multiple implications. For instance, even natural and high quality essential oils can be toxic to ingest, or may trigger allergies for some people with sensitivities. Some natural essential oils are toxic to animals, or unsafe for children, pregnant people, and those with medical conditions.

We don’t associate gender to fragrance, and encourage people to go with what “speaks” to them in terms of perfume and colognes. Fragrance is genderless. We believe that if you love wearing the scent, it is perfect for you. All perfumes are available in small sample sizes and we highly recommend trying these before ordering a full size.

From various reputable and ethical suppliers, mostly in the USA, Canada and Europe. Some ingredients, like the beeswax we use, as well as some of the plants and florals I create tinctures and enfleurage pommades from, are locally grown and sourced here in Pennsylvania.

Never! We cherish our forest friends. Our products are only tested by happy, willing humans.

A number of our products use animal milk, honey, or beeswax as an ingredient. None of our products use tallow, lard, castoreum, civet musk, or ambergris.

A few of them do, and for good reason. Products that contain water-based ingredients (lotion and creams, liquid hand soap, and facial toner are good examples) may grow bacteria, mold and yeast without a preservative to provide stability. Even if you cannot see mold growing with the naked eye, it most certainly can still be there if not properly preserved. We believe your skincare goods should both be comprised of high quality ingredients andbe completely safe and stable to use. Moss & Brooke products that use preservatives are all paraben-free. Oil based and anhydrous products (like balms, oil perfumes, solid perfumes and body oil), bar soap and alcohol based perfumes do not require preservatives, and do not use them.

Yes, Moss & Brooke products are carried by a select number of retailers, in addition to on this website. Take a look at our list of stockists here.

If the item is still showing up on our site but is marked as “out of stock”, we still carry it and it will likely be back in stock in the near future. If it has disappeared entirely from the website, it’s discontinued. Many of our products, especially the perfumes, contain rare or unique essences that can be difficult to source or replicate and are offered on either a seasonal or one-time basis. This will usually be noted in a product listing. If in doubt, feel free to contact us to ask.

We do not offer custom products at this time.

Discontinue use of the product and contact your healthcare provider promptly. We urge customers to always perform a patch test on a small area of skin before using a product. If you have concerns about allergies, please consult with your healthcare provider before using.

Shipping and Returns

Your order will ship within 3-5 business days of receipt. Any order containing a perfume must ship via ground transportation (USPS first class or parcel select, or UPS ground) - they cannot be shipped by priority mail or air transport since the flashpoint of perfume is low. If you live on the west coast, it could take up to 8-10 days to receive an order with perfume from our studio on the east coast. All orders have tracking numbers, so keep an eye on yours!

Please email us a photo of the damaged item within 3 days of receipt. We will send a replacement item within 3 business days, and we will file a claim with the shipping company on our end.

Due to the personal nature of skincare goods and the unique, small batches of the perfumes I produce, I cannot offer returns or exchanges. You can purchase small sample sizes of every perfume I offer, and I highly recommend taking advantage of this option so you can be assured that you love a fragrance before investing in a larger bottle. Fragrances are described in as much detail as possible to help the customer have an accurate picture of the fragrance notes. If you would like guidance on choosing samples, feel free to reach out through our contact form!

Read more about our refund policy here.

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