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We are an artisanal, small batch botanical perfumery located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our fragrances are uniquely designed with visions of mossy forests, whimsical woodland glens, and botanical flora. With intentions of creating a truly enchanting sensory experience for the wearer, we use only natural essential oils, absolutes, co2 botanical extractions, handcrafted plant tinctures, resins, and natural isolates in our perfume and skincare goods.

While botanical perfume is the center of our brand, we additionally handcraft a small line of home fragrance and skincare goods.

We love collaborating with other small businesses who align with our values - please see our wonderful stockists or get in touch to wholesale our products. For other enquiries, consult our frequently asked questions or get in touch.

Moss & Brooke was founded in 2018, and re-launched in midsummer of 2021 with a pivot towards focusing on the world of botanical fine fragrance. 


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A lifelong enthusiast of interesting fragrances and skincare goods, I am the founder, perfumer, and full time maker behind Moss & Brooke. I fell in love with botanical fine fragrance several years ago after becoming enchanted by a fellow perfumer’s natural fougère perfume. It was so soft, so gorgeous, and not cloying or sensorially overwhelming to wear. I dabbled with fragrance building for the next couple years, but a moment of tranquility on a wooded mountain trail one summer was what gave me the “push” to seriously pursue an education in botanical fine perfumery. I relished in the natural notes of lichens, woods, earth and water around me, and the desire to capture these whispers of nature in a bottle was ignited. When designing a fragrance, my goal is for these scents to create an intoxicating and enchanting sensory delight for the wearer. I work with botanical and natural ingredients in perfumery because I adore the complexity, gentleness in projection, and the way they draw us so closely to the natural world around us.

Currently living outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my husband, two children, and two cats. Other interests include hand embroidery, national parks, true crime podcasts, binging a great Netflix show, and all things forest core.

Favorite Aromatics: Bergamot, opoponax, Moroccan rose, oakmoss, night scented stock, Tahitian vanilla, palo santo, and sandalwood.

See more about Spencer's work and learn about our processes and materials on the journal.