Intro to Perfumery Class


This listing is for a 1-1, private, and virtual intro to perfumery class. I will contact you upon your class purchase (within 2-3 business days) to coordinate a time and date for your 3-hour class. The class can also be split into two 1.5 hour sessions. 

Join our virtual Intro to Perfumery class, where we will focus on the basic building blocks of understanding and creating botanical, natural perfumery. Spencer Rhodes, Moss & Brooke's perfumer and owner, will be teaching. 

Topics covered include history of perfume, creating a balanced fragrance blend using top/middle/base notes, different types of perfume ingredients, safety considerations, different fragrance family categories, sourcing natural perfume materials, and finally, how to thoughtfully blend your own perfumes through hands-on exercises.

A lengthy class handout with instructions, class notes, several basic perfume formulas, and a list of recommended suppliers is included.

The price of this class includes a kit of materials which you will use during our virtual class, under the teacher's guidance. There is an optional expansion kit of perfumery essences, which can broaden your perfume blending possibilities after class. See optional expansion kit listing here.

There is only one ingredient you need to purchase on your own before class, and that is an alcohol base for perfumery. You can purchase perfumer's alcohol from numerous vendors, including The Chemistry Store and Perfumer's Apprentice, or you can use 190-200 proof Everclear (if your state sells it), or order 190-200 proof alcohol from Culinary Solvent (if they ship to your state - see their shipping map). Do not use vodka or any alcohol under 190 proof! 

Materials included in this class kit are:

-Bergamot essential oil

-Red Mandarin essential oil

-Pink Grapefruit essential oil

-Cedarwood essential oil

-Rose absolute

-Jasmine absolute

-Lisylang essential oil

-Lavender Absolute

-Dark Patchouli essential oil

-Sandalwood essential oil

-Amber accord (plus formula)

-Vetiver essential oil

-30 ml glass beaker

-Glass stirring rod

-5 wide mouth vials for aging perfume experiments

-4 perfume bottles for your finished perfumes

-Plastic pipette droppers

-Paper blotter strips

Kit will be mailed (free shipping) within 1 week of class purchase.