Bentonite Clay Mask

Bentonite Clay Mask

  • $15.00

This 100% natural clay mask blends bentonite clay, kaolin clay and finely ground frankincense and dehydrated honey. Recommended for normal-to-oily skin types. Please note that bentonite clay has a characteristically unique, almost jelly-like texture and will require a bit extra mixing to smooth into a paste, and might remain slightly lumpy. This is normal!

This all-natural clay mask arrives dry and unmixed so you can scoop and prepare as needed. This way, we can avoid using a preservative so you can enjoy a completely natural product and even customize your mask while mixing.

Directions: Scoop approximately 1 tsp of dry mask mixture into a small dish and mix in just enough liquid to make a smooth paste (water, milk, tea, and plain yogurt can all be used as your liquid). Smooth paste over face and allow to dry. Rinse off completely after mask has dried.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, kaolin white clay, frankincense, honey, maltodextrin

Note: This product is Vegetarian-friendly, but not Vegan like most of our products.

1.7 oz of product contained in a heavy weighted glass cosmetic jar. Reuse or recycle!